Sunday, 5 January 2014

Seeing as its the new year and all that I thought I should really get my head around what I need to paint/model/collect in 2014.

So here goes...

Wood Elf army, General needs to be bought, all dipped and stripped now, repainting is ongoing, pics will appear eventually... (also seems to be strong rumours of a new Wood Elf army book so more to collect)

Khorne Chaos Warrior army, similarly, pretty much all dipped and stripped and repainting is ongoing, daemon prince general is built and pics will be posted soon...

Jungle Fighter army, work has halted dues to a large amount of can't be arsed-ness mixed with "ooo shiny new models from other armies to buy" work will restart at some point...

Necromunda gangs,  "A" team gang needs to be stripped and repainted and more than likely remodelled. "B" team gang is ready to undercoat and spray (at least 3 other gangs on the work table...)

Nurgle Chaos marine army in the pipeline, lots of ideas and not enough money...

All in all plenty of painting to do and pics to post as well as fighting the urge to buy yet more stuff.

Happy painting!

Friday, 26 July 2013


In all my years of wargaming I have never actually collected a proper 40k army. Weird. I have had figures from pretty much every army but never seriously worked on them (unlike my fantasy armies). So this year I am selling tons of my old stuff (mainly Empire and Dogs of War) and restocking my withered paint selection (currently zero paints!) and building a Catachan Jungle fighter Imperial guard army. I am rarely satisfied to create a standard figure and nearly always add some kind of twist to make them unique. Here are just a few...

I am really pleased with the Sgt. in the middle. The bionic arm and leg came from an old space marine.

These three are part of my veteran squad, Sgt. in the middle.

The snipers, I just want to add camo cloaks to the two on the left.

A few special weapons...



Having been collecting for so many years I tend to look through the bits boxes and find goodies that I forgot I had. My latest find was a stack of Eldar Harlequins that had been overpainted and/or converted or simply forgotten (they must have been out of action since about 1995!).

I really wanted to create a Van Saar gang and this was the perfect opportunity. I raided the bits boxes for arms, guns and inspiration and this is what I have come up with. Just to get painting now...



So, we have been playing a few games recently, I have gathered together all of my old gang and created The Samba Warriors. The Samba Warriors are all Brazilian footballers based on Catachan jungle fighter models (which I now regret slightly as I have had to re-buy them for my Imperial Guard army!). I wanted to have a tight theme to my gang hence the use of the Brazilian football strip colours and use of autoguns and autopistols as the main weapons. 

The model on the left is my leader Gilberto Silva. He was not the original leader, that being Pele, but sadly he was killed in a battle with a Scavvy gang and Gilberto stepped up to lead the gang. The model is based on a picture from the Necromunda book that really inspired me to start the whole gang. He is made from an Orlock body with the head of Abaddon and a Spyrer hand.

Obviously, my gang would be insane if I had all of these gangers, I currently have 11 of them in my gang but the rest are ready and waiting to join up when needed!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I have started building up some Catachan Jungle fighters using a mix of new plastic stuff, old metal figs and bits from my bits box. I'll post some pics soon.

I've just started playing Necromunda again after quite a few years away. I have to say it was really good fun and thanks to some wicked scenery from my good friend Salacious Crumb from the Poisonous Monkeys blog.

The Brazilians survey the empty streets...

Pele spots a zombie.

Gilberto Silva watches over the back streets.

These are just a few pics from the first couple of turns. I'll add more when we continue and hopefully some finished pics of gangers.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

About me...

I have been collecting, painting, converting and gaming with wargames miniatures since the late 80's. After collecting many armies worth of miniatures I stopped for about 6 years. I found that I simply didn't have enough time to dedicate to wargaming so it fell by the wayside. Well now I am back. I have returned to a world where GW is now something like a gaming McDonalds (appeal to the masses, but with the odd tasty treat). I have also found that to collect a reasonable army you now need to be either a) an investment banker or b) sell a kidney to fund your gaming habit. Luckily I have found that the use of Dettol, a toothpick and a toothbrush can remove pretty much any paint job quickly, enabling me to start to repaint all of my old figures to a better standard than I have managed before (which I think were pretty good, although the 'new' GW paints seem to be light years better than their old ones I used so much).

I will post some pictures of my progress at paint stripping soon, and in the future add pics of my Futuristic/Necromunda, Wood Elves and my new project, Imperial Guard.

Stay tuned...